Soul Art by Mara

Fill your space with with vibrant colors and beauty. Let the presence of art instantly bring a sense of peace and harmony
Allow your inner beauty to shine through lovely clothes and accessories

Discover a collection of art inspired by the Divine



Discover a collection of art inspired by the natural world

SEE HOW OUR art LOOKs IN your home

”Oh my goodness, I love it! He is perfect! Love my painting in my office!

- Claire P, Birmingham, AL

”Vibrant, loving and upbeat. I love this pop pf color in my living room. It brightens the scene and my day every day. More please!

- Amanda C, Pelham, AL

”Your painting style evokes so many emotions. Thank you for your beautiful artwork. Your drawings always seem to brighten our spirits. You are truly the master of the art. .”

Michael and Sofia, New Jersey


"There are many people we meet in our lives, but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our hearts. I can honestly say when I was gifted these 2 beautiful paintings, I teared up as my sweet bunny Fuzzy who is a little different with short legs and yet a Giant Flemish. Mara painted her perfectly. I look at this painting and see love. The other painting is of a flower I too in Hawaii. One that's very special to me and yet again Mara did amazing. I see this painting daily and just smile as it's exactly what I remember that day in Hawaii.

Thank you Mara for painting with your heart and soul. I will forever cherish my paintings from you.

-Sharon, S., Montgomery, AL

When I lost my little boy, my world shattered.  Mara, has helped brighten my world a little more each day as she has captured all his elements and which has helped put a smile on my face".

Amy H, Hoover AL